HAKUTSURU Kaorujunmai – 白鶴 香る純米

Home Evening Meal

Hakutsuru Kaorujunmai, feeling fruitiness in light acidity, makes dinner delicious軽やかな酸味の中に、フルーティーさを感じる 白鶴 香る純米 で、晩ご飯が美味しい

HAKUTSURU Kaorujunmai – 白鶴 香る純米

This Japanese sake is a kind of standard sake we can get anytime at most major supermarkets.

It is a Japanese sake that goes very well with any dish.

Please see “Sake Chart” based on my senses. It will help you when choosing sake for your dinner.
私の感覚に基づく日本酒案内板をご覧ください。 夕食のお酒選びの参考になるでしょう。

Dinner – 晩ごはん

Assorted Sashimi – お刺身の盛合わせ

Assorted sashimi. There are many ways to enjoy sashimi. It is also good to eat with soy sauce and wasabi. This time, I seasoned it with olive oil, salt, black pepper, and basil sauce.


Assorted Sashimi (Before seasoning) – お刺身の盛合わせ(味付け前)

This is what it looks like after seasoning.

Assorted Sashimi (After seasoning) – お刺身の盛合わせ(味付け後)

”Ohitashi” of Carrot Leaves – 人参の葉のおひたし

I made carrot leaf ohitashi. The carrot leaves and pretty carrots that were boiled for a short time were boiled for a short time and then cut into small pieces. The roasted sesame was placed in a mortar and ground with a pestle. I added an appropriate amount of soy sauce and mixed it to make a dressing. I put carrot leaves in it and put a ground sesame soy sauce dressing on it. The fragrant scent of sesame and the taste of soy sauce go well together and are delicious.

”Ohitashi” of Carrot Leaves – 人参の葉のおひたし
ground sesame flavor mixed rice – すりごま味の混ぜご飯

After the ohitashi is served, the surface of the mortar is rough, so ground sesame and soy sauce remain. Add warm rice to the mortar and mix. A delicious ground sesame flavor mixed rice is ready.

Beef and Sweet Pepper Stir-fry – 牛肉とピーマンの炒め物

Stir-fried beef and sweet peppers. I also added onions. I simmered the peppers for a short time so they didn’t get too soft. Seasoned simply with oyster sauce, salt and black pepper. The crispy texture and sweetness of the peppers matched the beef and it was delicious.


Beef and Sweet Pepper Stir-fry – 牛肉とピーマンの炒め物

Items of the day – 本日の品

Items of the day – 本日の品

That’s all for today’s dinner. Eating it with Japanese sake makes the food even more delicious.本日の晩ごはんは以上です。日本酒と一緒に食べることで、お料理が一段と美味しくなったようです。