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Shochikubai Josen, deep and complex flavor, makes dinner delocious.奥行きのある複雑な味の松竹梅上撰で、晩ごはんが美味しい

This Japanese sake is a kind of standard sake we can get anytime at most major supermarkets.

It is a Japanese sake that goes very well with any dish.

Please see “Sake Chart” based on my senses. It will help you when choosing sake for your dinner.
私の感覚に基づく日本酒案内板をご覧ください。 夕食のお酒選びの参考になるでしょう。

Dinner – 晩ごはん

“Kikurage-ten” and “Benishouga-ten” – きくらげ天と紅ショウガ天

“Kikurage-ten” and “Benishouga-ten” on tomato salad

“Kikurage-ten” is a fish cake of flat circular shape, contains cloud ear mushrooms, and “Benishouga-ten” is a same, contains red pickled ginger. These were cut into fan shape and placed on the tomato salad.

Steamed chicken with chive sauce – 蒸し鶏のニラソースがけ

The chicken was sprinkled with salt and pepper, placed on a plate, sprinkled with a small amount of alcohol, wrapped in plastic wrap, and cooked in a microwave oven. The sauce is a mixture of finely chopped chives, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and sugar. It tastes fresh and delicious.

Steamed chicken with chive sauce which contains soy sauce, vineger, sesami seed oil and sugar

Grilled Mackerel with Miso Mayo – サバの味噌マヨ焼き

Grilled Mackerel with Miso Mayo

After sprinkling salt on mackerel fillet, miso and mayonnaise were directly applied, placed on an aluminum wheel and grilled. The aroma of miso and the rich taste of mayonnaise are harmonious and delicious.

Items of the day本日の品

The steamed chicken with chive sauce was served on a small plate because it was served on a large plate.

That’s all for today’s dinner. Eating it with Japanese sake makes the food even more delicious.本日の晩ごはんは以上です。日本酒と一緒に食べることで、お料理が一段と美味しくなったようです。