Home Evening Meal

Gekkeikan Junmaishu, smooth and having little sweetness, makes dinner delicious.少し甘さが感じられる月桂冠 純米酒で、晩ごはんが美味しい

This sake is a kind of standard sake we can get anytime at most major supermarkets.

It is a sake that goes very well with any dish.どんな料理にも大変よく合うお酒です。

Please see “Sake Chart” based on my senses. It will help you when choosing sake for your dinner.
私の感覚に基づく日本酒案内板をご覧ください。 夕食のお酒選びの参考になるでしょう。

Dinner – 晩ごはん

Carpaccio of sea bream – 鯛のカルパッチョ

Carpaccio of sea bream before seasoning

I bought strip shape fillet of sea bream for sashimi at a supermarket, sliced it myself, put it on a tomato salad, and made it into a carpaccio. The width of the tail of the fillet was small, so one piece was small, but it was delicious.

After seasoning by virgine olive oil, salt and pepper

”Hiika”(Small squid)and burdock simmered- ヒイカとごぼうの煮物

I cooked hiika and burdock. I cut the burdock root into 5cm lengths and split the thick part in half so that the heat would pass through easily, and boiled in boiling water in advance to remove bitterness slightly for soften the taste.

That’s all for today’s dinner. Eating it with Japanese sake makes the food even more delicious.本日の晩ごはんは以上です。日本酒と一緒に食べることで、お料理が一段と美味しくなったようです。