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Kikumasamune Josen Junmaishu Kimoto Karakuchi, a slightly fruity feeling, makes dinner delicious 少しフルーティーな感じの、菊正宗 上撰 純米酒 生酛辛口で、晩ごはんが美味しい

This sake is a kind of standard sake, usually available at most supermarkets in the Kansai region.

It is a sake that goes very well with any dish.どんな料理にも大変よく合うお酒です。

Please see “Sake Chart” for your reference when choosing sake for your dinner.
私の感覚に基づく日本酒案内板をご覧ください。 夕食のお酒選びの参考になるでしょう。

Dinner – 晩ごはん

Simmered chicken liver – 鶏のレバー煮

Simmered chicken liver

Chicken liver simmered in a soy sauce-based soup. I bought 2 packs and cooked them. The contents are small, but this is because I forgot to take picture at the beginning. Most of them are already in the stomach.

Edamame(Boiled green soy beans)- 枝豆


I boiled edamame, which is the most delicious from summer to autumn. To prevent the beans from becoming too soft, the heat was turned off before the beans sank, and the residual heat was used to cook them all the way through. It tastes fresh and delicious.

”Ohitashi”(Short-boiled)spinach – ほうれんそうのお浸し

“Ohitashi” is boiled time is the key. In the case of spinach, after soaking in boiled water, take it out in a very short time of about 20 seconds and cool it quickly with cold water. Sprinkle dried bonito and soy sauce just before serving.

Pork cold shabu-shabu – 豚の冷しゃぶ

Cold shabu-shabu is not eaten while cooking on the table, but is boiled and cooled in the kitchen in the same way as shabu shabu, and then placed on top of a salad. This time I sprinkled sesame sauce on it.

Items of the day本日の品

That’s all for today’s dinner. Eating it with Japanese sake makes the food even more delicious.本日の晩ごはんは以上です。日本酒と一緒に食べることで、お料理が一段と美味しくなったようです。