Local Sake Store

Kotsuzumi Jumnaiginjo, pleasant acidity and clean taste, makes dinner delicious心地よい酸味で透明なすっきりした感じの 小鼓 純米吟醸 で、晩ごはんが美味しい

This Japanese Sake was purchased at a local liquor store in Hyogo region where the brewery is located. It is an easy-to-find this Japanese Sake that can be found in markets such as online shops.

Please see “Sake Chart” based on my senses. It will help you when choosing sake for your dinner.
私の感覚に基づく日本酒案内板をご覧ください。 夕食のお酒選びの参考になるでしょう。

Dinner – 晩ごはん

Scallop, bonito tataki salad – ホタテ貝柱と鰹たたきのサラダ

Scallops and seared bonito on tomato salad. Drizzle all over with olive oil and sprinkle with black pepper and salt. I also added basil sauce to the tomatoes.


Scallop, bonito tataki and tomato saladホタテと鰹たたきとトマトのサラダ

Stewed chicken and Chinese cabbage – 鶏肉と白菜の煮物

Chinese cabbage is popular as a hot pot ingredient when it gets cold, and I cooked this delicious Chinese cabbage with chicken. The umami extract from the chicken combined with the deliciousness of the Chinese cabbage to create a very deep flavor.


Yellowtail simmered in a soy sauce-based broth – ブリの煮物

Yellowtail becomes fatty and delicious in the winter season. I simmered such a yellowtail in a soy sauce-based broth.


Yellowtail simmered in a soy sauce-based broth – ブリの煮物

Items of the day – 本日の品

That’s all for today’s dinner. Eating it with Japanese sake makes the food even more delicious.本日の晩ごはんは以上です。日本酒と一緒に食べることで、お料理が一段と美味しくなったようです。